Establish Your Care With Choice Health & Wellness

Here we like to focus on patient care and pass savings on to our patients, that's why Choice Health & Wellness does not bill any third party medical insurance; instead, we focus on patient care and pass the savings on to our members. If you would like to submit your medical bills to your insurance provider, just ask us and we'll provide you with the a receipt to self submit.


About Insurance

Direct Patient Care (DPC) Monthly Membership Plan

Individual Plan:

  • Single Adult - $85
  • Couple  - $170

Family Plan:

  •     Single parent with up to 4 children8  - $120
  •     Dual parents with up to 4 children*  - $205
  •     Additional children*  - $25

*Under 18 years old

Employee Health Plan:

Pricing discount available for employers covering the cost of 5 employees or more. On-Site health seminars and wellness challenges available at no additional cost. Guidance in developing in health incentive plans.

Free yourself from insurance deductibles and co-pays. There's a better way to manage your healthcare costs and achieve high quality, personalized care. It's called Direct Patient Care Membership and we offer it here at Choice Health & Wellness. It couldn't be easier.

Our Pricing Structure is Simple

Select your service plan - two choices:

Establish your care with Choice Health & Wellness

  • Initial consult (not including labs) -- $250.00
  • Initial consult + one service below with interpretation + care plan -- $450.00
    • Hormone Optimization
    • Cardiac and Diabetes Prevention
    • Weight Loss Management
    • Stress Management and Adrenal Function
    • Thyroid Optimization
  • Initial consult + comprehensive labs or service below -- $450
    (possible additional lab fees, depending on test -- $100-$200+)
    • Dysbiosis / Gut Function
    • Food Allergy Panel 

It's Easy to Sign Up

Print out and complete a medical intake form for each prospective patient.

Fee for Service (FFS) Pay-As-You-Go Plan

  • Office Visit 
    • 15 to 30 minute consultation -- $185.00
    • 30 to 60 minute consultation -- $250.00                                           
    • School / Sports Physical -- $75.00
    • Well Adult Physical (not including any labs) -- $250.00     
  • Hormone Pellet Insertion -- $350.00
  • Cyro-Treatment-- $50.00
  • Venipuncture without Office Visit -- $35.00
  • Additional charge of $50.00 per 15 minutes if Choice Health & Wellness is requested to fill out or complete any insurance related forms or paperwork


Providing cost effective options for individuals, families, and employers seeking affordable medical services and treatments. We're here to make your life easier and healthier whether you choose our basic Fee-for-Service plan or become a Direct Patient Care member. Take the first step in managing your own healthcare plan today.

Choice Health & Wellness

Click here for business hours                   Phone: 509-350-8928

DPC Membership Benefits

  • ​Wholesale labs

  • 24/7 access

  • Annual Wellness Exam with Labs

  • Wholesale Commercial Prescriptions

  • Same day / Next day Urgent appointments

  • Learn more about Direct Patient Care