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What is Direct Patient Care?

Change your health. Change your life.

For one low monthly fee, zero co-pays, or facility charges, Choice Health & Wellness direct patient care members receive incredible benefits that include unlimited primary care access, discount prescriptions, same day appointments, free annual physicals, and so much more. This is your health & wellness clinic in Moses Lake.

Choice Health & Wellness does not bill any third party medical insurance, instead we focus on patient care and pass the savings on to our members.

Free yourself from insurance deductibles and co-pays. There's a better way to manage your healthcare costs and achieve high quality, personalized care. It's called Direct Patient Care Membership and we offer it here at Choice Health & Wellness. It couldn't be easier.

DPC Benefit Highlights:
* Both allopathic and naturopathic modalities of care
* 24/7 access to provider
* Same day / Next day / Urgent appointments
* Annual Wellness Exam with complimentary labs
* Wholesale commercial prescriptions
* Wholesale labs
* Discounted nontraditional labs to identify holes in your wellness
* There is so much more to list! Please call for details.

Two types of continued service plans: Pay-as-you-go single visits or direct patient care monthly membership

No third-party insurance billing

Here we like to focus on patient care and pass savings on to our patients, that's why Choice Health & Wellness does not bill any third party medical insurance; instead, we focus on patient care and pass the savings on to our members. If you would like to submit your medical bills to your insurance provider, just ask us and we'll provide you with the appropriate forms and documentation.

Choose Your Plan

Choice Health & Wellness offers two types of affordable continued service – it's your choice:

  • Fee-for-Service (FFS):It's our basic "pay-as-you-go" plan offering affordable prices for your single office visits.  Enables you to choose your own provider and pay directly for your healthcare services. Just say 'No thank you' to referrals, insurance deductibles, co-pays, and restrictive or closed networks.

  • Direct Patient Care: This monthly membership plan covers those who desire more routine care and frequent visits. Plus, our DPC members receive additional benefits.

Simple Pricing Structures - for Both Plans

Our pricing structure is simple and affordable for both plans, providing cost effective options for individuals, families, and employers seeking affordable medical services and treatments. We're here to make your life easier and healthier!